Should You Buy A Motorcycle?

Depends who you ask. Normally, you’re mother and/or wife would not be the person to ask. But there have been a lot of advancements with the motorcycle over the years, as well as a big push for motorcycle safety. Not just with riders themselves, but more and more drivers are becoming cognizant of the fact that they have to share the road with bikers.

There definitely an advantage

Driving a motorcycle instead of a car allows you a sense of mobility. No longer do you have to pass up that parking spot because it’s too tight. No longer will you have to sit in that traffic jam. In addition to that, you can save a boat load of money on fuel. Who doesn’t love more coin in their pocket? Plus, a motorcycle payment versus a car payment will be exponentially lower. Insurance is cheaper too!

More advantage

The parts for motorcycles are cheaper than that of a car too! They’re also more readily available, even way past the date of the bike. With more and more people buying motorcycles these days, the higher demand there will be for spare parts. This bodes well for anyone looking for a part here or there. Because when this demand goes up, so does supply and when supply goes up, the price comes down.

Safety disadvantage

Clearly, the safety disadvantage is the biggest con that hold people back from purchasing a hog. You are completely open to the element when on the motorcycle and you depend just as much on your awareness as you do the guy driving behind you on his cell phone. While a small rear-end collision in a car probably wouldn’t be catastrophic, the same accident involving a motorcycle could turn deadly and quick.

If you do proceed with getting a motorcycle, make sure you take the proper classes so you will be fully prepared to be the smartest, safest, defensive motorcycle rider out there.

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