Feel Good Story: Deputy Saves Man From Jumping Off Bridge

Sometimes life gets to be too much and one of the biggest problems with that is not having anyone to turn to.

This Ohio man apparently fell into that category as Deputy William Ball found him pondering life on an Ohio overpass on a recent December evening.

It became clear to Ball that he had to intervene and try to get him from the side of the bridge. When the man told the deputy he had nothing left to live for, and then subsequently turned to end it all, the Deputy leaped into action.

Deputy Ball caught the man by the back of his pants just as he was about to go over the side of the bridge. He was able to pull him to safety. Two good samaritans stopped to help the deputy subdue the man, who was sent to the hospital for evaluation.

Bravo, sir.

Per the Franklin County Sheriff’s Department Facebook Page:

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