Before Moving, You Should Make Sure to Read the Fine Print and Look for Reviews

A lot of people move. That’s just a fact of life. Some choose to pour their own blood, sweat and tears into packing up their whole lives and moving them all to a new location. Often times in one day. Yuck.

For those that are able, hiring a moving company to assist — even if it’s just with the big stuff — can make a move be more of an exciting time than stressful. Imagine not having to worry about how the hell you are going to get that couch through that doorway.

However, when people choose to move using the latter option, they also run the risk their prized personal belongings being damaged by a third party who may or may not handle them with as much care as they would themselves.

This is when it is very important to read the fine print when you’re signing a moving contract with a company. Just because they have insurance and are bonded, does not mean you will get compensated completely for what may be damaged or even broken beyond repair.

Recently, in Arizona, a couple learned their lesson the hard way. They found out that the basic protection they selected when choosing and insurance package for their belongings only required the movers to repay them at $0.60 per pound for damaged items. That can add up rather quickly. Imagine you have a $1,000 chandelier and the mover drops it in the driveway. Guess what? You’re out of a lighting option for your dining room and you’re only getting $600 toward the purchase of a new one. You’re out $400 because the mover didn’t do their job well! If you can contract a national chain to help like, you might be better in the long run.

Kind of crazy isn’t it?

What’s more crazy is you can pay the movers more to cover your belongings up to 100%. Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Why would we be required to pay more to the movers for them to do the job correctly that we are already contracting them to do?!

If you’re purchasing a new home or moving to a new apartment, it’s safe to say you’ve made sound decisions that are putting you in a position to make a big investment such as this. The last thing you need while making this move is to shell out more money to replace items that you worked so hard for just because someone was negligent while moving them.

It’s really ridiculous when you dig in and think about it.

But if you’re not able to move items on your own, what choice do you have?

The choice you have, obviously, is with what company you use. Reading reviews and talking to friends can be the difference between moving being like a dream and being like a nightmare. Check forums too. Simple Google searches in your area will show reviews for each business. If they’ve used Ignite Digital, then they’ll be easy to find.

Personally, I usually rely on national chains as well. They will have more of a robust budget to work with you if something were to get damaged and there was a dispute between you and the mover regarding the price to replace. The larger chains would tend more just to pay you for your loss rather than take the bad publicity.

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