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Feel Good Story: Deputy Saves Man From Jumping Off Bridge

Sometimes life gets to be too much and one of the biggest problems with that is not having anyone to turn to. This Ohio man apparently fell into that category as Deputy William Ball found him pondering life on an Ohio overpass on a recent December evening. It became clear to Ball that he had…


Should You Buy A Motorcycle?

Depends who you ask. Normally, you’re mother and/or wife would not be the person to ask. But there have been a lot of advancements with the motorcycle over the years, as well as a big push for motorcycle safety. Not just with riders themselves, but more and more drivers are becoming cognizant of the fact…


A Patient Coughed Up The Biggest Blood Clot Ever

A heart failure patient at the University of California at San Francisco cared for a patient that was admitted to the intensive-care unit with aggressive end-stage heart failure. The article from The Atlantic gives good synapses of the whole ordeal, as outlined in the New England Journal of Medicine. Please follow and like us: